Awaken your innate powers and gifts.


Balance the internal masculine and feminine energies...

Create fertile grounds for rebirth and alchemy of the reality you wish to create for yourself.

Healing the sacred womb space through ancient Lemurian ritual, massage and energy work helps to restore wellness on a cellular level. It clears past trauma, ancient wounding and brings forth reoccurring patterns that no longer serve your highest potential.

This is a non-intrusive massage where the womb is accessed externally and does not require nudity. It is a safe nurturing experience performer over 2 hours. The first stage works the lower back and upper buttock with the second working the abdomen and ribcage. A guided meditation is performed after the massage to assist with the integration of the clearing and upgrading of energy within the body.

It is the perfect space for consciously calling in spirit babies or releasing and closing birthing experiences postpartum. The clearing may also serve to improve reproductive conditions and increase fertility. 


Energy exchange $300



With your body’s cycles and rhythms.


To your body’s natural healing ability.


Stagnant energy in the womb space.


To this sacred woman’s work.

womb healing massage

Then womb healing is for you. If you are aware of recurring patterns surrounding reproductive health, negative emotions, and physical trauma concerning the woman in your family line and want to break these cycles and begin the healing process.

You may also feel drawn to sacred woman’s medicine and have been looking for a practitioner that is able to hold you in the most intimate, safe, and sacred space as you journey into the deepest depths of your truth.

A free integration call within 30 days of your experience is welcomed to debrief the experience and talk through anything that has come up since. Sessions are available at Divine Radiance Natural Therapies in Mandurah.

Please be aware that womb massage is not suitable during pregnancy but can be performed 8-12 weeks post-partum.

womb healing massage

“She unleashed her inner goddess...

"and became the woman her soul knew she could be.” – Michelle Schafer