Supporting you through one of life's most powerful experiences.


Is centred in the companionship of birthing people, babies and their family in the journey to birth and beyond.

Birth keeping is a continual gift of meeting and receiving the innate capabilities of every person in birth. It is the embodied trust in the intuition and inner wisdom of birth that allows me to be the mirror of the wholeness and connection that we each are for one another. At the heart, birth keeping is the essence of Humanness. It is the sacred place where we witness the true beauty and power that lies in the primal, raw and open state of our purity that birth reveals to us.

In being with birth, I am privy to the process and transition of life and consciousness and the unconditional love and joy that unfolds. It is my presence as the reminder for all, that birth is stunning and miraculous and to be the reflection of the remembrance of each moment that a woman recognises that she holds all within as the oneness she is.

I am here to receive you at each step and stage of your experience with openness, honor, and unconditional care for you to be and be held in the unique journey that it is for you.

My presence is to offer space, ceremony, and support for you to be seen, heard, celebrated, and received in the acknowledgment of the caretaker and guide that you care for your baby to birth through you.

I am not here to coach, lead or inform you from a place outside of yourself, but to bring you back to the understanding, wisdom, and knowing that is within you.

I am here to hear you...

So you may discern your own voice and receive the truth and guidance of your own self that will lead and guide you through.

I am here to hold you...

As the reflection of mastery that you weave within your own womb.

I am here to nourish you...

As you nurture the one that forms their home within you

I recognise the journey of transformation

Birth doesn’t always travel hand in hand with the linear timeframes of physical birth processes and biology. Birth weaves its way in to the tapestry of the fullness of our lives and threads the moments of our every day. My niche is responding to you in the requirement and resource of being with you within the opportunities and openings that are catalysts for the becoming and birth of you.

I offer support at any stage of your birth journey as a space to meet you where you uniquely are at and share anything that needs to come through you as a part of the reflection and recognition of where you find yourself. This can be anything from a phone call with a cuppa to a ceremony commemorating the milestones of transformation you are moving through. opening to conception, voicing the vision and support structures of pregnancy and navigating birthing services in your alignment or receiving, honouring and celebrating you in postpartum, parenthood and the ceremony and invitation of growing in to yourself alongside your family.

I love to work in the way that best meets your individual needs and that of your baby and family. My services and support are customised to be fluid and dynamic to travel with you in the unique way the path of birth unfolds for you. What really lights me up is receiving your needs and tailoring your care and support and I believe the process of calling in what resource it is that serves you also acts to initiates you opening to receive everything you need to be fully supported along the way and recognise the power you hold to voice your choice at each and every stage. Anything and everything is available to you and whatever you can imagine is possible, all you need to do is ask.

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During the Postpartum period we are building ourselves up from a total transformation. Often we need support to do daily chores, voice our emotions, share our worries and concerns and seek companionship with others who have been in the same situation. Sharing this time with others is instinctual. It is how our ancestors and “the village” would have been available to new parents.

My postpartum services can include belly binding, yoni steaming, an afternoon of companionship or an afternoon of cooking meals for your freezer. I can walk your dog, do light housework or help you run errands. These 3 hour sessions are designed to support your needs physicaly, emotionaly and spiritually.
You decided how the support looks for you. Sessions can be booked individually or as a package. A 10% discount will be given when 6 or more sessions are booked at the same time.

Energy exchange $200

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Ceremony and ritual helps us mark in celebration a rite of passage. This can be a blessing for a new mother, a menarche cellebration for your daughters first bleed or perhaps a closing of the birth portal.

What celebration would you like to mark?

Holding ceremony and sacred space for youself is a deep honouring of your transformation. Being able to facilitate sacred space to invite your friends and family into the honouring of yourself is somthing I hold as a deep gift.

The events of the day will be coordinated between yourself and I to bring in any family traditions or sacred rituals that are significant to you and your culture. On the day I bring all materials needed to create a beautiful ceremony at your chosen destination. Each ceremony lasts between 2-3 hours.


Whether it is birth planning, postpartum planning, finding information about your birthing options, a debrief after your birthing experience or just to chat to share your experience with someone in a safe space.

These 90-minute collaboration calls are designed to be a nurturing space for you to work through your worries, questions, and experiences.

Held in the comfort of your own home via zoom you are invited to make yourself a cuppa and think of the experience like chatting to an old compassionate friend whose genius is talking all things birth, intuition, and womb mysteries.

Let’s make some magic together.
Energy exchange $80


Birth pool in a box is available to hire for your birth experience. It include pool, liner, pump to inflate pool and some tap connections. Pick up and drop of is in Pinjarra or delivery and collection may be able to be arranged.
Energy exchange of $150 plus a $100 security bond refundable upon the return and inspection of the pool.