Pinjarra to Perth Doula, with you for all the stages of your birthing and healing journey.


I'm Kirsten, birth keeper, energy weaver, bestselling author, ceremony holder, intuitive guide, mother, lover...

These are all some of the ways in which I could be described. My soul’s work is nourishing people transitioning through pivotal times in their lives such as menarche, matressence, birth, death and rebirth while holding the sacred space for them to remember the innate wisdom and power they hold within. The unique light I shine on the world allows you to feel safe in trusting yourself.

My energy work includes womb clearing massage that offers a loving embrace. I am dedicated to creating a safe intimate container where you are able to be open to receiving the messages bought through from the universe that remind your body and spirit, they are capable of releasing what no longer serves you and heal yourself on a soulful level.

As a birth keeper, I am a heartfelt companion. My role is to journey beside you without bias or judgement, to hold you, as you hold the energetic portal and bring new life to this earthly plane. I feel the most in my element when I am intuitively supporting you while you birth yourself and your babe. My own experiences birthing four children and rebirthing myself multiple times have given me a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. I love supporting you through all parts of your journey from conception into postpartum.

Working with you intuitively on a 1:1 basis is where my mastermind unfolds. This may be during your birthing journey or in a cocreation call where you pick my brain or share your worries, desires, and experiences around what you want to bring into your journey.

I want you to feel safe, supported, seen and held while you transform and know that there is no part of you that is unlovable. I want to be the light that guides you while you travel into the deepest aspects of your being to reignite your own light.

"There is a moment...

“When the woman has surrendered to the process. All layers are stripped, all facades all masks, she is raw and primal and pure. She is her true essence and in that moment just after her babe is born she reconnects to and remembers all of the power within herself. All that she holds. To be a witness to that moment on this earthly plane is truly remarkable and I love being able to hold that moment for her into the future so she cannot convince herself it didn’t happen.”

– Kirsten Lyle


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